nikki hafter

artist-facilitator & project producer

Sharing Seeds
The Sharing Seeds project was co-led by Nikki Hafter and Becky Howarth for Tooting Community Garden in 2020-2021. Sharing Seeds was funded by the Wandsworth Grant Fund and was planned to facilitate street-tree planting with local groups who had limited access to green space. Due to the coronavirus pandemic preventing group activities, Sharing Seeds broadened its offer to the wider public and took many of its activities online.

Sharing Seeds used planting, growing, and creative activities to guide exploration of the natural, urban landscape using close observation and imagination. While outdoor time was limited by the lockdown, and access for those who those who don’t have their own green space at home was greatly reduced, participants were able to take ownership of their local streets. Through Sharing Seeds, participating individuals, families and even whole streets were supported with the tools to connect with nature in their local area, creating new pollinator pathways and improving local streets.