nikki hafter

artist-facilitator & project producer

Micro Worlds
Micro Worlds is a participatory project created by artists Nikki Hafter and Charles Whitehead. Initially designed for Transition Town Tooting's Foodival 2019, Micro Worlds have since been made by participants from CARAS and OneStonegrove Community Centre. This activity aims to promote thinking about inventive uses for 'waste', materials as a shared resource, and whether we need structures to be permanent for them to matter. Nikki Hafter’s personal project Sawahil Sites is a development of Micro Worlds.

Participants are invited to make a miniature world using waste materials selected from a foraging table. We photograph their creations, print the images using an instant printer, and then they are asked to dismantle their world back into materials so they can be reused by someone else. Each person can make as many worlds as they want.