nikki hafter

artist-facilitator & project producer

Location Unknown
Location Unknown is a virtual, interactive installation created by Nikki Hafter for the University of Brighton MA Inclusive Arts Practice Graduate Show 2020, which took place entirely online. The installation comprises several digital artworks created both in response to research workshops held at Headway East London in late 2019, and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The original research project explored how sensory food-making could be a conduit for communication for people living with a language impairment caused by stroke, called aphasia. In lockdown, the processing of these experiences were shaped by the need for remote, digital communication, which is almost entirely inaccessible for people with aphasia, many of whom find they are no longer able to read or write.

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Installation home page image, showing a photograph of a desk used by the artist to work outdoors during the first lockdown