nikki hafter

artist-facilitator & project producer

The Art of Conversation with Aphasia
The Art of Conversation with Aphasia (ACA) was a creative wellbeing project embedded in an arts and culture setting. 
Funded by a University College London Innovation and Enterprise grant, the ACA programme was co-designed by a team from De La Warr Pavilion, Say Aphasia and University College London.

Speech and Language Therapist Firle Beckley and artist Nikki Hafter led on facilitating co-design and delivery of the ACA programme, using arts-based activities in combination with a speech therapy programme called Better Conversations with Aphasia. The project aimed to help people with aphasia, along with their their friends and family members, develop strategies to navigate conversations whilst engaging with the art and culture that is on their doorstep.

Project film created by Nikki Hafter, Firle Beckley and Ben Goldstein

Collaborative collage produced by ACA participants
Academic poster produced for IARC 2022 by Nikki Hafter, Firle Beckley and Hanka Mayhew