nikki hafter

artist-facilitator & project producer

A Feast of Memories
2020 was the first year in over a decade that Transition Town Tooting's annual Foodival could not be held, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of the usual ‘sustainable, local, low food-mile, community food festival celebrating all things locally grown, cooked, re-created and re-imagined’ a small group of volunteers hosted a socially-distanced feast to thank and celebrate the people who had made Foodival happen over the years.

Nikki Hafter developed a collective performance for the Foodival Feast that reflected on the Foodival's history and future. She held a creative consultation with the TTT community online, to produce an alterable script that was given to the 30 attendees of the feast. Each then created their own version to read as a member of the chorus, co-led by Nikki Hafter with TTT co-founder and artist-activist Lucy Neal.


The event took place on 12th September 2020, and was recorded by Young Creators UK. Below is the invitation and prompts used to gather initial responses from the TTT community. These were then collated and added to in an online workshop, before being used to produce the script.